About us


Named after materials derived from biological sources BioEnergy pellets stocks only the finest quality products and maintain a knowledgable and expert staff. Owners Edward Peterson and Stephan Petrenko opened a small independent wholesale store that had three employees to serve their clients,The store started off quickly, sales grew and it became apparent that there was a dire need for improvement as the demand for wood pellets from their growing market was getting bigger. The owners affiliated with BioEnergy pellets in 1990. The second store was conceived and opened in Kharkiv Ukraine in 1993, to careter for their European based clients.

BioEnergy pellets became known worldwide because of it proffesionalism and expertise. With now nearly 150 employees, BioEnergy pellets is poised for growth. BioEnergy pellets thanks its loyal customers for their faithful support that has made them the place where wood pellets can be bought online by any one worldwide.

Company Profile

BioEnergy pellets is still solely owned by Edward Peterson and Stephan Petrenko. Presently, they have two store locations worldwide, one in Maryland and another in Ukraine.

BioEnergy pellets proudly supports many local youth activities, community events and projects such as the Tate Cancer Center and the North Arundel Hospital Emergency Department. BioEnergy pellets loves to support the communities that support them. BioEnergy pellets is also involved in donations to many local, regional, national and international charities.

The BioEnergy pellets Inc Mission Statement

“The mission of the BioEnergy pellets team is to satisfy the customer.” When something goes other than the way it was planned, we do everything in our power to make it right. You have the BioEnergy pellets Inc promise on that!


BioEnergy pellets believes in being to the community what it wants BioEnergy pellets to be. BioEnergy pellets provides many niche products not typically found on our website including, fireplaces, stoves, pool supplies, bird food and feeders, and special lawn and garden offerings.


BioEnergy pellets are on the leading edge of today’s wood pellet sales online. we have the ability to make available many cutting-edge programs. a BioEnergy pellets customer loyalty program, rewards purchases to our routine clients with quarterly rebate checks, super coupons, in store specials, special sale offerings, and timely information on current home products.