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A lot of straw in bales and straw pellets are traditionally  used  for energy production  in some European countries within the State  subsidy program for the agricultural sector.

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We have investigated Rice straw pellets in some parts of europe, in the area of Valencia where they grow a lot of rice. Moisture content of the pellets was 8%, ash content 12%, Sulphur 0,06%, Chlorine 0,22 %, Nitrogen 0,47%. NCV was 16,4 GJ per mt. Mechanical durability of the pellets was quite low -  88%. Biggest problem with the rice straw is it's very high ash content and also high Chlorine.

For example in wood pellets I2 it is accepted only 0,07% of Chlorine and in the rice pellets it was detected 0,22% Chlorine. High chlorine in combination with high ash content   may create slagging (sedimentation) of the ash on the inner walls of the boiler and make it's lifetime shorter.