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Easy Blaze Wood Pellets

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EasyBlaze Wood Pellets is a super-premium quality pellet made in Virginia. This softwood pellet burns extremely hot (up to 8,800+ BTU/lb.) and clean (Ash as low as .26%). when looking for wood pellets suppliers online do not hesitate to contact us.

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$ 175.00

$ 175.00 per ton

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10

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You can always order easyblaze wood fuel pellets online from us at affordable prices,We offer delivery for any quantity and we sell it either by the ton/pallet or by the bag.

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Easy Blaze Wood Pellets are manufactured by Wood Fuel Developers in Waverly, Virginia. This super premium quality pellet is made of Southern Yellow Pine for the hottest & cleanest burn. Wood Fuel Developers is now one of the largest pellet producers on the east coast, producing over 118,000 tons per year. To ensure the integrity of the product, Easy Blaze regularly submits wood pellets for independent testing. An EasyBlaze fire burns efficiently, provides long-lasting heat and is the ideal primary heating source for your home or business.

Easy Blaze’s state of the art production process does not add any chemical binders or additives to the pellets, which reduces the amount of volatile organics, such as creosote, and lowers the risk of any dangerous buildup in stoves and chimneys.