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InstantHeat Hardwood Pellets


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InstantHeat bulk wood pellets for sale

Premium Grade Hardwood Pellet up to 8,400 btu---avg ash 0.44%

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InstantHeat wholesale wood pellets for sale online

Produced from 100% pure Wood Fiber this pellet burns very clean. The high heat output (8,300-8,500 btu per pound) puts this Premium Grade Hardwood Pellet a step above many others. so when thinking of which type of wood pellet to order online you might want to try the Instant Heat pellets. InstantHeat produces a very low dense ash that most pellet stove users prefer.

InstantHeat Hardwood Pellet is a clean consistent Premium Grade Wood Pellet Produced in the Northeast for the cold winters InstantHeat will keep your home warm all Winter!

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