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According to  EN Plus wood pellets  specification  pellets used for private heating must have ash content below 0,7% ( A1 quality),mechanical durability 97,5% and fines  content  (number of particles below 3,15 mm)  on the production plant max 1%.

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$ 155.00

$ 155.00 per ton

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EN Plus pellets for private use are usually delivered in 15 kg bags placed on the wooden pallets. In this case they may be transported only by lorries directly from the production plant to the retailers. Pellets may also be in bags on the wooden pallets loaded into the sea container. They can also be transported in containers in big bags or even in bulk. Some big distributors of EN Plus pellets in Italy have started to accept   deliveries of the pellets in bulk by sea vessels. In this case pellets are bagged in the country of destination. A lot of discussion has been around the color of the pellets. Many Italian buyers prefer white pellets.